Real Estate Closings

What to know before buying a home

Florida Real Estate Closings work differently than they do in other states, so pay attention if this is your first time buying or selling a home in the state of Florida! 


Having an attorney with you at the closing not only ensures that everything is handled correctly but also helps to ensure that all of your paperwork and financial aspects are in order.

Gain access to our attorneys who will help you at your closing in Florida.

Attorneys can prepare and review all necessary documents required for the transfer of property, including deeds, mortgages or liens on a title so that it is clear before any transaction takes place during settlement day.

They also work with various parties involved such as brokers and other professionals like notaries public or others contracted by lenders (e.g., appraisers) which ensures everything runs smoothly while ensuring each party’s interests are protected regardless of whether there were prior negotiations between buyer and seller over these terms.

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