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Insurance Disputes Attorneys in Florida

If your insurance company has wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid claims to you during the past couple of years and it is affecting your livelihood, our lawyers can help.

At Gimenez and Carrillo, LLC we fight for policyholders who have been victims of wrongful payment from their insurer; whether that means a delay in processing time or denial on part of them claiming coverage they should receive.

When you are negotiating or litigating insurance disputes, understanding the mindset of claims adjusters is at the top of your list. Their arguments can be persuasive because they understand how to manipulate them in their favor.

We offer strong representation for policyholders throughout South Florida, Gulf Coast, Central Florida, Panhandle, and surrounding cities.

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FAQs for Insurance Disputes

How Long Will A Lawsuit Against My Insurance Company Take?

The time involved varies greatly from case to case. Very often, the insurance carrier offers to pay the benefits owed shortly after they receive the lawsuit. Other times, they hire an attorney to defend them which usually results in delays as the case proceeds through the litigation process. Generally speaking, a lawsuit of this type can take anywhere from 90 days to several years to resolve. We try whenever possible to obtain a trial date for our clients within 12 months of the date the suit is filed. It is important to note that the law in some cases, provided for up to 5 years to file a lawsuit.

How Does Gimenez & Carrillo, Llc. Get Paid?

Our legal fee usually amounts to 40% of the total amount of benefits we recovered from your insurance company on your behalf. In most cases, however, we are able to require the insurance company to pay our legal fee in addition to also paying your benefits. If the amount of the court ordered fee equals or exceeds the contingency fee, than you receive all of your benefits without any portion being deducted for legal expenses.

My Insurance Company Keeps Asking For More Information. Should I Give It To Them?

Virtually all insurance policies contain a “cooperation clause”. This means that you must comply with all reasonable requests made by your insurance carrier. This does not mean, however, that you should endlessly continue to forward information to the company. We strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney at the first indication you receive that your claim is not being paid in a timely manner by the company. The initial consultation with our firm is always free.

If I Can’t Find A Copy Of My Insurance Policy Do I Still Have A Claim?

Yes. Although reviewing your policy is a very important part of our evaluation process, we can get a copy of the policy directly from the company if you cannot locate your copy. If you were never provided with a copy of your policy, please let us know as that is relevant in determining what defenses an insurance company may be able to assert in litigation.

The lawyers Gimenez & Carrillo, LLC, litigate numerous lawsuits involving Insurance Disputes as well as other personal injury cases every year throughout the State of Florida. We are extremely proud of the results that we have obtained. We look forward to sharing those results with you.

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