Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction can affect a person’s livelihood and future. Gimenez and Carrillo, LLC, believes in zealous representation to protect our client’s rights when facing a criminal charge or arrest to avoid conviction, and get the best results.


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​At Gimenez and Carrillo, LLC, our criminal defense team/attorneys led by Joseph G. Tesmond, Esq. represent individuals accused of numerous offenses such as D.U.I., white collar crimes, healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering, drug possession and drug trafficking, weapons violations, robbery and theft, and other felonies.

We have clients in both State and Federal Court. An attorney at Gimenez and Carrillo, LLC is always available for consultation regarding any violation of State or Federal Law.

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    FAQs for Criminal Defense

    Do You Have To Allow Government Officials In Your Home Or Answer Every Government Officials Questions?

    No, the Constitution of the United States is still alive and well. The Constitution under the 4th and 5th Amendment grant persons the freedom from illegal searches and seizures.

    At Gimenez and Carrillo, LLC our attorneys believe in protecting our client’s legal rights and intervening as early as possible to prevent government’s overreaching illegal searches and seizures by overzealous officials. Our clients are given detailed instructions and letters of representation on the very first day of representation to present to law enforcement in the event of an unannounced visit by agents to their home or business.

    Our attorneys can be contacted by cell phone within minutes of our clients having an unwanted encounter with law enforcement.