Joseph G. Tesmond, P.A.

  • Born: Chicago, Illinois
  • Has lived in Miami, FL since 1982
  • 1982 graduate of Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana
  • 1986 graduate of University of Miami School of Law
  • 1998-present: owner of Joseph G. Tesmond, P.A.

​Joseph G. Tesmond has 12 years experience as an Assistant Public Defender in Dade County, FL Public Defender’s office. Mr. Tesmond rose through the ranks and became a Felony Division Training Attorney, prior to leaving the office to open his own law firm.

Joseph G. Tesmond, P.A. is a full service criminal defense law firm. Mr. Tesmond practices in both State and Federal Courts. He has been a member of the Florida Bar for more than 23 years. He had 12 years experience as an Assistant Public Defender in Miami, FL and is a former Felony Division Training Attorney in an office of more than 200 attorneys. His trial experience ranges from DUI cases to homicide cases. Mr. Tesmond represents individuals accused of numerous offenses, including drug trafficking or possession, money laundering, white collar crimes, mortgage fraud, racketeering, medicare/Medicaid fraud, insurance fraud, weapons violations and robbery. Mr. Tesmond is available for consultation regarding any type of violation of State or Federal law.

Mr. Tesmond is available for consultation prior to the initiation of criminal charges in State or Federal Court. Often, the individual or corporation can benefit greatly by having Mr. Tesmond as counsel during the investigative stage by law enforcement and present at any interviews with law enforcement agents. This strategy has been successfully employed by Mr. Tesmond in numerous State and Federal investigations, with the result being no criminal charges being pursued against the clients. This strategy can be used in many white collar fraud, theft and racketeering investigations with early intervention by Mr. Tesmond.

​Mr. Tesmond is also available for representation of individuals at State and Federal Grand Juries, Administrative Hearings and any other governmental hearing that may result in statements/testimony that could potentially be used adverse to the client in a future criminal investigation.

​Mr. Tesmond knows companies have a vested interest in not paying insurance claims and will gladly review your case to determine whether we could provide you legal representation if an insurance company refuses to pay.

For more than 23 years, Mr. Tesmond has fought hard to protect the constitutional rights of each and every client and to handle each client and case personally on an individual basis. Mr. Tesmond believes that early professional representation is key to resolution of any issue to the client’s satisfaction. Prior to speaking to any investigators or supplying any documents or responding to a government subpoena, an individual or corporate representative should contact Mr. Tesmond to schedule a consultation to discuss representation by Joseph G. Tesmond, P.A.