Jose I. Carrillo, Esq.

Managing Partner

As a practicing attorney, Jose I. Carrillo (Partner) is a member of the Federal and Florida Bar Association. Prior to being a partner at Gimenez & Carrillo, LLC, he was a partner at Carrillo & Carrillo, P.A., and earlier an associate at Fried, Slachter & Fishman, P.A. His practice has had an emphasis in civil litigation since 1989. Jose has handled cases for both the insurance industry side as well as the consumer/insured, for over twenty years.

​As a civil litigator, he has also handled commercial matters, including over 500 contract and residential foreclosures for commercial lenders, early in his career. In addition thereto he has defended property owner/borrowers in over 1000 foreclosure cases for the past 16 years. Jose has also represented hundreds of clients, mostly consumers (debtors), in Bankruptcy proceedings.

​Jose has litigated and tried numerous residential foreclosure cases, collection matters, and other real estate litigation, while representing both debtors and creditors (banks). He has also handled hundreds of insurance coverage disputes and personal injury litigation cases, including some trials and appeals.

His experience in insurance policy coverage disputes includes not only automobile policies, but homeowner’s and life insurance policies as well.

On the personal injury/bodily injury and negligence side he has handled automobile, premises/slip and falls, dog bites, boat accidents, and many other types of matters for injured parties for recovery on their injuries (from those relatively minor to catastrophic and death).

Jose I. Carrillo, Esq.