Florida Homeowner Bill of Rights – What it means, and what you need to know:

By Adry Polo, Esq. & David J. Moscoso, J.D. Candidate 2018

Last Modified:

March 20, 2024

Your insurance company must comply within 14 days

In the U.S., many States have a Bill of Rights which must be provided to insured homeowners by their insurance company. However, in Florida insurance companies providing residential property insurance coverage must provide a copy of this Bill of Rights to their insureds within 14 days!

After you submit, demand confirmation:

In Florida, your insurance company must provide you with confirmation that your claim is covered in full, partially covered, or denied, or receive a written statement that your claim is being investigated within 30 days after you have submitted a complete proof-of-loss statement. However, insurance companies will only act after you’ve made a written request.

Receive payment within 90 days

Subject to any dual interest noted in the policy, Florida residents must receive full settlement payment for a claim or payment of the undisputed portion of the claim.

Free mediation:

Your disputed claim is entitled to free mediation by the Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Consumer Services, under most circumstances and subject to certain restrictions.

Sinkhole claims

Neutral evaluation of your disputed claim, if your claim is for damage caused by a sinkhole and is covered by your policy.

Three Quick Steps You Can Take to Advance Your Claim:

  1. Contact your insurance company before entering into any contract for repairs.
  2. Make and document emergency repairs that are necessary to prevent further damage. Try to keep and organize all receipts, estimate, and proposals that relate to the loss and take photographs of the damage before and after any repairs.
  3. To the extent you are able, carefully read any contract that requires you to pay out-of-pocket expenses or a fee that is based on a percentage of the insurance proceeds received.

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