Insurance Disputes

You should never have to represent yourself against an insurance company or accept an unfair settlement offer.
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Personal Injury

There are so many elements of damage to consider: doctor bills, lost wages from work, future medical costs for ongoing injuries, pain and suffering, etc.

Foreclosure / Foreclosure Defense

FORECLOSURE is a legal process whereby a lender to seeks to terminate the owner’s interest in a property after a loan has been defaulted.


An experienced legal professional with experience in these matters can assist you in helping you negotiate the process and maze of forms.

Wage & Hour Litigation/Labor Law

Hourly employees as well as many salaried employees are entitled to receive overtime compensation per hour in excess of 40 hours a week.

Criminal Defense

Gimenez and Carrillo, LLC, believes in zealous representation to protect our client’s rights when facing a criminal charge or arrest to avoid conviction, and get the best results.

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